Relieve Stress – Feel Better at a Safe Place

Feeling Scared ?

Relieve Stress – Feel Better at a Safe Place

  • A Safe Space

Visualizing a safe space is a powerful technique for combating anxiety.

  • This template encourages your reader to spend some time exploring a favorite safe space, making note of senatorial cues like smells, textures and the presence of supportive people and animals.
  • The safe space can be an imaginary place or somewhere real which they associate with peaceful and comforting emotions.
  • When the reader is feeling stressed or anxious, they can quickly return to this page to begin their visualization, ideally stepping temporarily away from the stressful situation to a quiet place where they can meditate calmly.


Feeling Stressed Out !!!

  • Are You Feeling Stressed Out ?
  • Are you feeling Hopping Mad ?
  • Are you Feeling… Your’e at Breaking point… Just NO More Stress!!

  • Self criticism can be debilitating. Instead of being able to enjoy a moment and be in the present, self criticism can create warped thinking where someone is ‘constantly beating themselves up.’
  • Relieve Anxiety Journal
  • This template aims to identify moments where a reader begins to think critically of themselves and gently guides them towards more compassionate and constructive thought patterns.
  • This template could be repeated multiple times as it’s likely that people will have to deal with repeating episodes of self criticism.
  • This could team well with a one page habit/mood tracker to log how often or intensely these episodes occur.

By writing down in the book, you help yourself recover from the Anxiety and stress.

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