Maggie had a Stress day at the Office

Maggie had a Difficult Day at the Office…

DAMM!!! can’t the bosses wife do even the most basic to him to keep him Happy in condition!

Sh*t, the traffic is busy when going home.

Ag Shut up you moron – can’t you look where you drive ?

Maggie is very stressed…

IF Maggie had her choice…She would put on her Black Leather Boots… and a Wide Black Belt with a slit – a place for a Hunters Knife with a 10 inch Ragged Blade…

Maggie would walk up to them… Pull out the Knife with the Ragged edge and PEGG the Knife into the table so that the knife would go DONG!!! and vibrate…

She would look at him and say: DON’T HASSLE ME NOW !

People would “just stare at her”

Then Maggie let out a SHOUT ” What are you Looking at ?”

OOHH WEE… Maggie is a bit “upset” …

Back home, Maggie just walked past everybody… to her room.

Even the little dog just got out of the way… just in case.

Maggie sat down ans opened her “Private drawer”…

Maggie got up and walked to the kitchen

In the kitchen Maggie made herself a mug of coffee and walked back to her room.

Maggie opened her private drawer again and took out some coloring pages to color in –

It helps Maggie calm down of the stressful day.

Also these Coloring pages with their Positive Affirmations let Maggie FEEL better about herself

Maggie sat down and colored in a page… when

When what ?

Maggie became aware of somebody…

Maggie looked up…

There her hubby stood looking at what she was coloring and laughing quietly

The next moment a Coffee mug flew throw the air and HIT the wall SPLATTING into pieces… Close to his head…

“What are you laughing at ?” Maggie SHOUTED

He was like FROZEN in shock of the coffee mug EXPLODING into Pieces next to him

I bought you another coloring book… to enjoy he said…

OH… Thank you Maggie said…

You may look at Maggie’s coloring book and if you want Buy the coloring book

You can INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD it and print it out and also the cover

Thank You for Supporting small business. Maggie.

Maggie's Coloring Book_1
Maggie's Coloring Book_1
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