Do You Suffer From Stress ? – This Will Help You without Tears.

Do You Suffer From Stress ?

Download a Printable Coloring Page and Enjoy Coloring it in.

Simple ! – And Highly Effective

Health Benefits of Coloring for Adults
  • REDUCE STRESS AND ANXIETY. Coloring has the ability to relax the fear center of your brain, the amygdala. …
  • IMPROVE MOTOR SKILLS AND VISION. Coloring goes beyond being a fun activity for relaxation. …

Why do adults use Coloring books?

  • Adult coloring books are usually geared towards relieving stress because they have intricate designs that challenge the fine motor skills and attention span of even the most detail-oriented adults,” reads a statement on the site.
  • This makes adult coloring pages a fun challenge and something you can lose yourself in.

Is adult coloring a thing?

  • If you are looking for a way to improve your overall health and wellness, deal with anxiety and stress, and improve your attention to detail, then adult coloring books could be for you.
  • Similar to children’s coloring books, there are plenty of adult coloring books out there as well.

Start Today By Downloading a Coloring Page and Print it out and Enjoy.

My Mind is Full of Brilliant ideas Positive Affirmation Coloring Page_15
My Mind is Full of Brilliant ideas Positive Affirmation Coloring Page_15
Positive Affirmation Coloring Page
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Feeling Stressed Out !!!

  • Are You Feeling Stressed Out ?
  • Are you feeling Hopping Mad ?
  • Are you Feeling… Your’e at Breaking point… Just NO More Stress!!

  • Self criticism can be debilitating. Instead of being able to enjoy a moment and be in the present, self criticism can create warped thinking where someone is ‘constantly beating themselves up.’
  • Relieve Anxiety Journal
  • This template aims to identify moments where a reader begins to think critically of themselves and gently guides them towards more compassionate and constructive thought patterns.
  • This template could be repeated multiple times as it’s likely that people will have to deal with repeating episodes of self criticism.
  • This could team well with a one page habit/mood tracker to log how often or intensely these episodes occur.

By writing down in the book, you help yourself recover from the Anxiety and stress.

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Her Private Coloring Book: Live Positive Affirmations for women

Live Positive Affirmations for women

What are the benefits of using affirmations?

coloring book make it easy for you

  • Motivate you to act. …
  • Concentrate on your goals. …
  • Change your negative thought patterns into positive ones.
  • Influence your subconscious mind to access new beliefs.
  • Help you feel positive about yourself and boost your self confidence.

What are affirmations for women?

  • I will not criticize myself. …
  • I am safe and I am well. …
  • Only my thoughts are my reality. …
  • I will always show my family how much I love them by how I act and what I say.

The Coloring book that make it EASY for you

Her Private Coloring Book
Her Private Coloring Book

Does positive affirmations really work?

  • Affirmations can help strengthen self-worth by boosting both your positive opinion of yourself and your confidence in your ability to achieve your goals.
  • They can also help counter the feelings of panic, stress, and self-doubt that often accompany anxiety.
Her Private Coloring Book
Her Private Coloring Book

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