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Relieve Anxiety Journal

Relieve Anxiety Journal – Can you by keeping a Journal relieve stress?

Short answer is yes, but you still need to see a doctor because everyone is different – but

You can help yourself a great deal by keeping a Journal on occurrences of your Anxiety and stress

This Journal is easy to use and self explanatory. Tap on the picture to check it out.

  • Remember, Self criticism can be debilitating.
  • Instead of being able to enjoy a moment and be in the present, self criticism can create warped thinking where someone is ‘constantly beating themselves up.’
  • This template aims to identify moments where a reader begins to think critically of themselves and gently guides them towards more compassionate and constructive thought patterns.
  • This template could be repeated multiple times as it’s likely that people will have to deal with repeating episodes of self criticism.
  • This could team well with a one page habit/mood tracker to log how often or intensely these episodes occur.


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